Recruitment information

Specialists in minor metals

  • The minor metals we deal in are materials limited in their distribution and use, which thus are of exceptional rarity and value. Each metal has its own distinct properties and is used extensively in a wide array of industrial fields. However, due to the difficulty in procuring them and the high risk accompanying fluctuations in price, it is essential to develop new recycling techniques and diversify systems of procurement in order to secure a stable supply.
    While continuing to strengthen our trading and recycling operations, we aim to create a business capable of providing consulting services that meet the increasingly segmented demands of our clients and ever-changing market. We are in the process of developing training system for our staff to be a specialist with extensive global experience who employ a variety of approaches to problem-solving.

(Application guideline)

■Job description
  • Sales
    Route sales to existing customers; new sales and supply route development; business support for clients using one's experience, knowledge and expertise in trading and recycling operations.
  • Recycling factory staff
    On-arrival inspection, analysis, processing and shipping inspection of minor metals; introduction of operational equipment and analytical devices; factory operation and inventory management.
  • Staff for general affairs department
    (Accounting) financial affairs, administration, tax accounting, capital raising (General Affairs) personnel recruitment, employee training, overall general affairs
  • University graduates up to the age of 25, new graduates or recently graduated *Candidates considering working overseas are preferred.
  • High school graduates between the age of 18 and 30.
  • University graduates up to the age of 35.
    *Applicants with experience in general affairs and accounting, regardless of the industry, are preferred.
■Location and work hours
  • Head Office or Tokyo Office (Work hours) 9:00 to 17:30
  • Head Office Factory , I.T. , II or III Factory (Work hours) 8:15 to 17:00
  • Head Office only (Work hours) from 9:00 to 17:30
  • Basic salary
    *Skills and experience will be considered when determining salary.
■Working conditions and Welfare
  • Salary raise - once a year; Bonuses - twice a year
  • Payment of transportation expenses for commuting; Commuting by private vehicle is permitted
  • Comprehensive social insurance package
  • Overtime allowances, Incentives
    *Employees at the Tokyo Office may not commute by private vehicle.
■Holidays and Leave
  • Five-day workweek (Off weekends and public holidays; however, employees may on occasion be required to work the first Saturday of the month)
  • Summer holidays (3 days)/New Year holidays (6 days)
    *120 total non-working days per year.