Act on the Protection of
Personal Information

Yano Metals Co., Ltd. (hereinafter "Company") handles the personal information it receives according to the following.

1. Acquisition of personal information

Personal information will be collected by Company using fair and lawful methods and only after clarifying the purpose and obtaining the consent of the person the information concerns (hereinafter "User").

2. Usage of personal information

Personal information will only be used by Company when necessary to carry out its business operations and only within the scope of use outlined beforehand. When personal information must be used to carry out business operations outside the scope of use, User consent will first be obtained.

3. Presentation of personal information

Personal information will not be disclosed by Company to any third party except in cases where User consent has first been obtained.

4. Management of personal information

Regarding the storage of personal information, Company sets safeguard not only in the area of crime prevention but also of information infrastructure and organizational/structural institutions, and manages the information so as to protect them from unauthorized access, computer viruses, alteration, damage, leakage and loss.

5. Inquiries and revision, etc. of personal information

Company will respond to User requests for disclosure, revision, suspension of use, and deletion of their personal information in its possession to the extent possible.

6. Questions regarding personal information

For inquiries on personal information, please contact us

Yano Metals Co., Ltd.
President and Representative Director Kazuyoshi Yano