To meet the various requirements from our customers

We have introduced an extensive lineup of functional and energy-efficient original equipment. With this, our dedicated staff employ their extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in carrying out our processing operations.


    • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
    • Hand-held component analyzer
    • Geiger counter, etc.

    • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

    • Hand-held component analyzer


    • Plasma cutting machine
    • Gas cutting machine
    • High-speed cutter, etc.

    • Bandsaw machine

    • Crusher for tungsten bars


    • Powder molding machine
    • Briquetting machine, etc.

    • Powder molding machine

    • Briquetting machine

Washing/Surface Treatment

    • Barrel finishing machine
    • Wastewater treatment facility
    • Shot blasting machine, etc.

    • Emulsion wastewater treatment falicity

    • Metal Polisher


    • Air circulation drying furnace
    • Centrifugal separator
    • Batch-method drying furnace for sludge, etc.

    • Air circulation drying furnace

    • Batch-method drying furnace for sludge


    • Cemented carbide tool sorting line
    • Radiofrequency heating apparatus, etc.

    • Acid treatment facility

    • Large-scaled specialty mixer