Dedicatedly supporting our customers' businesses

Manufacturers are required to overcome a number of industry challenges such as lowering costs, reducing waste, saving energy, reducing CO2 emissions and securing a stable supply of raw materials.
We offer support through a variety of solutions to reduce the burdens our customers face.
By fully utilizing the knowledge, experience and techniques accumulated through our trading and recycling operations, we offer our customers the best proposal to meet their various requests.


  • CASE.01
    Environmental preservation

    In collaboration with our customers and equipment manufacturers, we have developed original industrial equipment. With its introduction, we became able to effectively utilize used grinding fluids and metal scraps as a part of our efforts in environmental conservation.
  • CASE.02
    Reducing the cost of raw materials

    In collaboration with our customers, we have successfully recycled discarded grinding sludge for use as a raw materials. Through this work, we have realized reduction in the cost of raw materials.
  • CASE.03
    Reducing wastes

    In collaboration with our customers, we have created a specialized packaging material. Providing them with a reusable box to collect scraps led us to a reduction in packaging materials.