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ISO approval / Social Contribution Activities

ISO approval

December 2003 Obtained Qualitative Certification, ISO 9001:2000
December 2007 Obtained Environmental Certification ISO 14001:2004

Certification range: Head Office, Tokyo Office, Factory in headquarters, I.T. Factory, II Factory

Qualitative Policy

Considering the situation of human society and industrial field in a long term, we establish our Management System and make it realize with steady and continuous improvement.

  1. Analyzing requirements from customers, which shall be changed day by day, to satisfy both Suppliers and Users end.
  2. Improving our original recycling system, to make Brand Image of Yano Metals penetrate widely into customers.

Environmental Policy

As a company engaged in recycling business, we certainly recognize, with a global view point, the importance of Environmental Protection, and drive our efforts throughout all of our businesses.
We set an environmental goal and work for it, and improve our plan continuously.

  1. Contributing to the reclamation and circulated society by recycling scrap more often.
  2. Reduce environmental load factor from our own businesses.
    Promoting energy saving
    Protecting environment from pollution
    Promoting waste reducing and material recycling
  3. Observing the environmental rules and laws.
  4. Providing environmental education for all of our employees and make it open to the public upon request.

Social Contribution Activities

  • Promotion of LED introduction for lighting equipment
  • Adoption of hybrid cars for business purposes
  • Adoption of Battery-operated forklift
  • Installation of solar power generation system
  • Introduction of wastewater purification and smoke control equipment
  • Use of recycling boxes to reduce packaging wastes
  • Tree planting in neighboring industrial parks, elementary school and junior high school
  • Donation of books to neighboring elementary school
  • Cleaning activities in local areas

As a member of the local residents, we will continue to engage in social contribution activities.