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What is Minor Metal?

Minor metals are valuable non-ferrous metals which are less merchandised or used when compared with other metals. That is, for example, because there is technological difficulty in extracting them from ores as a separate element. Some consider those metals an essential component of thriving Japanese manufacturing industry; they are used for a variety of industrial products ranging from electric devices such as smart phones and digital cameras to motor vehicles and airplanes. However, many of them exist in particular countries or regions and are difficult to obtain. Also, there is a risk of price volatility of those metals; Under those conditions, there is a need for a diversified procurement route to steadily supply minor metals to the market and more developed technology to recycle them.

We seek for new resources all the time with a global point of view, and serve our customers with a high quality of materials using our special technologies. We will continue to strive to obtain and sustain minor metal resources by combining recycling operation and trading operation.

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