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3 reasons to choose Yano Metals


> 3 reasons to choose Yano Metals

3 reasons to choose Yano Metals

3 reasons to choose Yano Metals

Point1 Minor Metal Specialist

Yano Metals has been in minor metal business for 40 years, and is a group of specialists who have abundant knowledge, information and know-hows about those metals. Our specialty has received reputation from customers who have worldwide prominence.

Because we are specialists, Each staff thinks it is their mission to contribute to the creation of "Recycling-based Society"
Because we are specialists, We combine trading and recycling to keep up with a changing market.
Because we are specialists, We support our customers who are manufacturers in solving problems.

Point2 Global Network

In addition to Shanghai New Yano Trading Co., Ltd. and Yano Metals (Thailand) Co., Ltd., we have tied a business relationship with a number of oversea partners in Europe, America, China, Korea, Russia and other regions. We supply the right materials to the right places; we globally trade high quality of price-competitive minor metal materials.

YANO METALS Global Network

Point3 Our Unique Recycling System

To secure and sustain a steady amount of minor metals, we have developed a unique recycling system aiming at 100% recycling of materials. We provide a variety of services; a scrap collection system which gives fewer burdens on our customers; purchase system which shall provide our customers with satisfaction; processing method where energy saving and less CO2 emission are taken into account; tolling conversion (entrusted to other companies) to stably receive materials back, etc.

YANO METALS -Total operation of analysis, inspection, assortment, processing and shipment -Material procurement and commissioned tolling conversion using global network -Processing technology with generation of as fewer environmental burdens as possible