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Rebirthing scraps to valuable minor metals means not only preserving limited resources and protecting environment, but also saving energies to process new materials and reducing environmental burden.
We set a goal to realize recycling-based society to preserve the natural environment.
In an attempt to accomplish the goal, we have established a unique recycling system in which metal scraps we have received from our customers are converted to minor metal resources.
Scraps are collected from our logistic network and go through inspection at the factories. Based on a wide range of knowledge and know-hows on minor metals, we provide a total service of material analysis, assortment, processing and shipping with less energy consumption and CO2 emission.

Minor Metal Scraps. Collected domestically/ from overseas. -Inspection Works, Weighing, Analysis of component, Lot management, Geiger inspection, Issuing inspection reports. -Processing Works, Assortment, Cutting, Sizing, Washing, Drying, Briquetting, etc. -Shipping Works, Lot management, Quality inspection, Packaging, Making a detailed shipping statement. Minor Metal Materials. Recycled as high quality of Minor metal source.