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We support our customers' businesses strongly.

In recent days, enterprises in manufacturing industry are required to clear a number of issues such as cost reduction for raw materials, reduction of wastes, energy saving and less emission of CO2.

We support our customers to overcome those conditions by proposing our best idea for individual requirements from each customer, using our networks and know-hows developed within daily works of recycling, trading operation and information gathering.


CASE1 Environmental Preservation

In collaboration with our customers and equipment makers, we have developed original industrial equipment. We introduce our customers the equipment that is capable of collecting wasted grinding oil and scraps to be recycled. Through this activity, we have been engaging in environmental preservation.

CASE2 Reducing the cost for raw materials

In collaboration with our customers, we have succeeded in recycling grinding sludge.
Through this work, we have realized reduction of the cost for raw materials.

CASE3 Reducing wastes

In collaboration with our customers, we have created a special recycling box. By setting the box in our customers' factories, we have succeeded in producing less packaging wastes.